The President of ACICES,
Dr.Katherine Su Nie, JP(29243)

There is a long history of cultural exchange between Australia and China. The 21st century has witnessed significant Sino-Australian cultural exchange with diversified programs and outstanding opportunities. The soaring economic development of China gradually announces its international presence and profound influence to the world, demonstrating a promising future in Sino-Australian cultural exchange. China and Australia has established a diplomatic relationship of 47 years, communication and cooperation of whom overwhelmed national condition and systems. Two countries uphold principles of mutual respect and equal treatment, accumulating trust, addressing divergence and steadying a sustainable relationship. Two countries are highly complementary, thus fruitful results have been achieved and promising prospect of synergistic development strategies has been guaranteed.

In the firm belief of education is foundation to a powerful country, Chinese are encouraged to study abroad, acquire Western culture and promote Chinese culture. Exchange and cooperation in such domains will root the affiliation deeply in people and transmit it through successive generations.

The booming of science, technology and information makes internationalization of higher education a tendency. It is not only an educational concept, but also a kind of educational practice which has been carried out all over the world. In fact, the degree of internationalization of education is proven to be a crucial criterion to measure the development of higher education. Training compound talents who adapt to the development of today’s society is the essence of education. Therefore, it is significant to acquire and comply with contemporary advanced educational system.

As is known to all, Australia’s higher education enjoys a high reputation worldwide for its high quality and extraordinary outcomes of scientific research. Australian government attaches priority to the development of higher education, which promotes the internationalization of education as a strategy to meet the challenges of globalization, and will also be used as a new pillar to facilitate cultural exchanges with countries in the Asia-Pacific region. Higher education has been favored and welcomed by international students due to the excellence in teaching methods, research level and resourceful teaching supplies, coupled with moderate cost of study and living, safe living environment and friendly locals.

Since its establishment, ACICES has been working on communications between the two countries in the fields of education, culture, scientific research and economic and trade, especially culture and educations. Numerous articulation programs have been successfully carried out in China. As a legal authorized strategic partner of the Australian Government approved by and registered with the Ministry of Education, also the development and management body of the Sino-Australian educational cooperation project, ACICES is the pioneer in exchange of culture and education bridging two countries, setting up a variety of channels for Chinese students to further their study in Australia. A successful example is the establishment of Sino-Australia College, Marine Science and Engineering Colleges between South China University of Technology and University of Western Australia, a world top 81 university. Moreover, various international classes, experimental classes and innovative classes were taken into practice in universities of Guangdong to ensure good operation of Sino-Australian projects. In addition, ACICES has also introduced advantageous programs such as double master’s degree programs, bachelor to master degree programs and three degree programs to a number of well-known domestic colleges and universities.

A new historical mission was assigned to ACICES by the continuous renewals of educational cooperation between Australia and China. Complying with the trend and requirements of international exchanges and cooperation in higher education, ACICES adheres to the idea of internationalization in education, to the ambition of maximizing the interests of Chinese students and colleges in Australia and China and to the mission of promoting the development of education in Australia and China. ACICES gives full play to the Association’s advantages in all resources and strives to open up a new situation of inter-school cooperation between Australia and China.

Regarding scientific research and education, ACICES will, as always, facilitate the cooperation and exchange between universities and scholars bilaterally, as well as the cultural integration with their own characteristics. On economic and trade, ACICES will also insistently seek for collaboration in terms of enterprises, groups, business visits, regional exchanges and so on, training talents for promoting the economic and trade development of the two countries. Based on countless successful experiences, ACICES will stick to broadening, multiplexing and diversifying projects in various domains such as education, culture, scientific research, economic and trade, pursuing partnership between Australia and China and contributing to joint cultivation of international talents.