Introduction to Australia China International Cultural Exchange Society (ACICES)

Our Mission
Our mission lies in advocating the exchange and cooperation between Australia and China in education, culture, science & technology, economy and other areas and facilitating the development of education internationalization for both countries.
Our Philosophy
Our Goal
Our Promise
Australia China International Cultural Exchange SocietyHonorary Chairman and President
Dr. Katherine Su Nie
  • President of ACICES
  • Founder and President of ACICES and Chinese and Australian Leading Education Institutions Alliance (ALLIANCE)
  • Justice of the Peace
  • Doctor of International Management and Master of International Studies in Curtin University
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After pursuing further study in Australia, Dr Katherine Su Nie has devoted herself wholeheartedly to the development of Education in both Australia and China. With her outstanding expertise and profound understanding of the education sector, she committed herself to promoting cultural and educational exchange and cooperation between Australia and China, establishing reliable platforms for education providers and promoting the internationalization of China’s education system. Many top students from China benefited from her excellent work and pursued further study in Australia, receiving its top quality education known to the world.

Over the past twenty-five years, ACICES (with the support from ABG Group) successfully assisted a large number of students to study in Australia and boosted investment, economy and trade in Australia under Katherine’s guidance.

Prof. Kevin McKenna

Honorary President of ACICES

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Professor Kevin McKenna, the Honorary President of ACICES, is the current president of the Council for International Students of WA (CISWA), a community-based organization devoted to the welfare of international students for 60 years.

Kevin is an expert in education internationalization through his rich experience in the Australia’s education sector. He took up several roles in Curtin Business School including executive Dean, then he acted as Pro Vice-Chancellor of Curtin’s campus in Malaysia for five years, followed by another five years as head of Curtin’s International Operations, retiring as Deputy Vice Chancellor, International in October 2009.

From 2004 to 2009, he shouldered the overall responsibility for all of Curtin’s international operations, as Pro Vice-Chancellor then Deputy Vice-Chancellor, International. He oversaw 7,000 offshore students in various partnership arrangement in over a dozen countries as well as managing the recruitment of 3,000 students per year at the Perth campus. A major outcome was the development of strategies aimed at increasing the flow of international students to Curtin’s Bentley campus, including programs focusing on attracting high quality research students. In 2008 he was responsible for the establishment of Curtin’s Singapore campus.

In 1999 and 2000, he acted as Executive Dean in charge of Curtin Business School. Over the time, he developed several new offshore partnerships and was actively involved in the planning and management of all international activities. In June 2000, he was appointed as the founding Pro Vice-Chancellor at Curtin University’s Malaysian Campus in Miri, Sarawak. For nearly five years he was responsible for the policies, planning and operations at the campus and for the recruitment of both local and international students.

From 1994 till 1999, he was Quality Coordinator then Director, Planning and Quality for Curtin’s Business School. The major responsibilities of this role involved the planning, review and management of the Business School’s extensive international operations. Before Kevin joined Curtin University teaching economics and public finance, he was an economist with the Australia Federal Government in Canberra.

Mr. John Wade
  • Honorary President of ACICES
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Mr.John Wade was Dean of ECU International at Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University, Adviser to the Minister of Labour and Social Affair in Bahrain and Director of various divisions in the Department of Education, Employment and Training, Australian Government.

Mr. John Wade was Dean of ECU International at Western Australia’s Edith Cowan University (ECU) from 2002 until April 2010. During his time at ECU, Mr. Wade presided over a sharp rise of the number of international students studying at the university. He made significant achievements in broadening and strengthening international partnerships and alliances. He also helped establish ECU as a university of innovation, profession and quality in the international arena.

John joined ECU after spending six years in the Middle East between 1996 and 2002 as Adviser to the Minister of Labour and Social Affairs in Bahrain, a role that encompassed a wide range of training and education issues.

He was previously Director of various divisions in the Australian Government’s Department of Education, Employment and Training (DEET) in Western Australia. In that capacity, he was involved in management, policy development and implementation at senior level, including liaising with peak employer, worker, education and training bodies.

He also led the teams of Australian Government experts on projects for the World Bank in Central Asia for over a period of two years and participated in World Bank projects in Russia’s Pacific coast.

Prof. Gary Martin
  • Honorary Chairman of ACICES
  • Chief Executive Officer and Executive Director of Australian Management Association
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Professor Gary Martin was Senior Deputy Vice-Chancellor, Director of the Center for Learning, Change and Development within the School of Education at Murdoch University, in charge of Faculty, Enterprise and International.

Professor Gary Martin, Honorary Chairman of ACICES, has worked in Murdoch University for over 20 years, nine years of which he was assigned senior executive. Gary was Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, responsible for six academic faculties, including Arts and Education, Creative Technology and Media, Health Sciences, Law and Business, Minerals and Energy, Sustainability, Environmental and Life Sciences; international relations; educational partnerships (both domestic and international); executive education in Murdoch University’s regional campuses in Rockingham and Peel.

Prior to his appointment of Senior Deputy Vice Chancellor, Gary was Executive Dean of the Division of Arts and Executive and the Division of Social Sciences, Humanities and Education at Murdoch University. Before moving into these senior positions, he was Director of the Center for Learning, Change and Development within the School of Education at Murdoch University. His area of academic expertise is human capital development and he is specialised in the areas of adult learning and development, action learning, mentoring and competency development.

Gary was assigned Deputy Chancellor of Murdoch University from April 2011 to January 2012.

He has been Chief executive officer and executive director of Australian Management Association. He has worked closely with government agencies, industry and the professions on a range of consultancy and research projects. These include the Western Australian Departments of Conversations and the Environment; Education and Training, Premier and Cabinet; Treasury and Finance; and the Catholic Education Office of Western Australia. Within the international arena, He has lead consultancy and training projects with the Singapore Ministry of Finance, DBS Vickers Security (Singapore), Coca Cola (Asia Pacific), SKF (Asia Pacific) and the National Institute of Education, Seychelles.

Our Purposes

Promoting educational

We will devote all possible resources to accelerate the exchange and cooperation in areas including economy, culture, science and technology, and education between Australia and China, and to serve as the bridge of facilitating the successful development of various cooperative educational programs.

Benefiting education

Through facilitating and supporting the exchange and cooperation in areas including economy, culture, science and technology, and education for education providers, teaching staff, students and scholars in both countries, we aim at achieving the maximum benefit for all stakeholders, especially for Chinese students and education providers in Australia and China. To accomplish that, we will enable the sharing and optimization of the complementary resources from the universities in both countries, develop joint programs for talents cultivation, and improve the established platform for international education cooperation.

Cultivating talents
with global vision

We explore to develop featured international programs for Chinese Universities depending on their own strengths and demands, so as to provide various pathways for Chinese talents to study in Australia and to cultivate their global mind-set, who will be the pillar of China’s future development in its education career.

Promoting Australia’s
outstanding education

Relying on our rich experience dedicating to international education in Australia, we strive to become the vanguard of promoting the good quality of Australian education and to introduce outstanding education resources from Australia to China.

Our Roles

In terms of education, we assist and accelerate the close communication between Chinese and Australian universities, match up the strengths, curriculum, teaching resources and other in-depth fields for schools from two countries in the aspects of featured disciplines, teaching resources and courses, launch joint talent cultivation programs and achieve the sharing and optimization of complementary educational resources.

In terms of cultural communication, we provide students with Three-in-One Platform, which is one of the highlights of ACICES. With the establishment of Australian Discover Center on the campus of partner universities, students are offered with opportunities to have a deeper and closer look into the uniqueness of Australian culture, to experience the learning style, and to fully prepare themselves to study in Australia.

In terms of research and development, we built up a steady platform for universities from both countries to support the continuous exchange and cooperation between the partners, academic staff and students. We facilitate mutual discussion and learning on academic projects between universities of both countries, encourage the sharing of academic experience and cooperative research between teachers and students, and support the joint research projects between scholars.

In terms of talents cultivation, we make best use of favorable resources, integrate high-quality Chinese and Western education with different characteristics, and complement and share the education resources from China and Australia , with the aim of cultivating top talents with global vision who can give back to the development of education, culture, research, economics and trade in mind.

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